Pros To Dating An Older Guy

Most people around my age would say, "eww!!," to dating an older man. I've always been attracted to older guys that were 2-4 years older than me. I've never seen myself being in a relationship with a man that is 15+ years older than me but hey, things happens. Honestly, faith happens. I'm always getting questions, asking for my advice on dating older men. But I've never shared the pros to dating one! Now throughout the post I stress that this is not the case for every older guy you’ll meet! I also stress that I’m not saying these are things that young guys lack. I’m just speaking from my experience, so please remember that while reading.


No Games

When you date someone that is older, they are done playing games! Well, sometimes, can't speak for everyone. I always see posts about guys around my age always playing games. They just want to have fun and mingle. They are not ready to be tied down to a relationship. Whereas older men are actually ready to settle down and start a family. They also don't like to waste time, they don't beat around the bush. If they want you to just have sex with you then they will say it instead of doing the whole Netflix and chill situationship. So, if you're that female that is done going after a male that keeps dodging the relationship title then get you an older guy! 

Financially Stable

When you date guys around your age that means y'all are probably on the same level. Working part-time, going to school, still figuring out your purpose in life, and etc. When you date someone that is financially stable that means they are good with money. Meaning you have a least likely chance to run into money problems. They may also have a good credit score, whereas people around your age are just starting to build credit. Now, I’m not saying that every older guy is financially stable or have good credit and vice versa but there’s a higher chance that he is where he wants to be in his career. Moving forward, this is where you can learn from your partner on how to handle money and build your credit score. We don’t have the “who’s going to pay the bill” discussion because he knows that he’s the provider of our family, whereas I work from home and homeschool our daughter. Oh and let's not forget that your significant other will be able to splurge on you and you don't have to eat 2 for $20 at Applebee's every weekend. I love a good deal but sometimes we want a nice steak dinner every once in a while even if we can buy it for ourselves, being spoiled and loved on like that just feels good!

More Experienced

The older you get the more you learn, hence older people are more experienced. I have learned a lot from Tony. Since he's a manager, I mainly learn about business and how to work with people from him. He always asks me questions regarding business to test me and I usually get them right. He has also traveled around the world so he has taught me a few things about different cultures and experiencing the world and what it has to offer. Most older men are independent; got their own money, place, and etc. So being an adult is nothing new to them. Whereas younger guys may still depend on their parents for somethings. Now, I’m not saying every younger guy, there could be plenty of young men that are wise beyond their years and independent as well! Like I said, I’m just giving you a few pros to dating an older guy, not what young men lack because every men is not the same so lets not group everyone together in a box.

Sex Is Bomb

Older men are obviously more experienced in other areas as well. *wink wink* haha. If you're apart of my family, I would not read this section unless you want to imagine me butt naked getting nasty! Haha. Anyways, many young ladies think sex with older men suck because they need to use viagra or something. That's not true, they might need it when they turn 70 and older. Sex with an older guy is can I put it...kinky. They love to try new things because they have already done the whole make love in bed in the most basic position ever. So if you've never had sex with an older guy, get ready to do things you've never thought about doing or being done to you.

They're More Attentive

This is my favorite thing about Tony, he definitely takes note of the things that I like. He easily knows how to make me happy without me always having to tell him what I want. Like coming home with my favorite snacks. They notice when we have done something new or different to ourselves. One thing I like from my partner is that he supports me and doesn’t talk me out of my dream. He tries to build me up and doesn’t belittle me when I’m wrong about something, instead he educates me. Older guys also know that no matter what, females are always right because if they say otherwise then it will start an argument that they can't win, haha.

Obviously, all older guys aren't like this. You can still easily come across a childish, arrogant, forgetful man. I know you're also thinking what about growth with your partner? There can always be growth no matter the age difference. My love has never been married, owned a house, or had kids. He also learns from me just as much as I learn from him. I’m a millennial so he learns a lot of technological things from me. He always tell me I have a beautiful mind because I know a lot of stuff for my age.

He actually compares me to his mother, which means a lot since she is now with God and I’ve never met her. So it’s an honor that he speaks so highly of me. Which is funny because he reminds me of my dad, it could be the closeness in age but Tony is extremely smart, a business man, and has a corny personality like him. My father and him are really close, which makes me kinda sad that I wasn’t able to meet his mother. I guess it’s true when they say you marry someone who reminds you of your parents. Oh and if you’re wondering, Tony fits right in with my family and they love him. Honestly, if something ever happened between us and I ended up with someone else, they would have some big shoes to fill.

If you're a young lady(obviously, 18+ lol) that's thinking about dating an older guy, I say go for it. You never know he just might be the one you've been waiting for. Thanks for reading and ta-ta for now!