How To Gain A Thousand Followers On Instagram In A Month

I have had my Instagram @AdoreDonnie for awhile now, it took me some time to get to a thousand followers. After I reached my goal that is when I stopped caring about how many followers I had on Instagram. However, my follower count jumped from 3k to 7k in 4 months. So roughly a thousand followers a month. So if you're looking to grow your Instagram following then here are some tips for you!


1. Post Daily

You should post daily. No one wants to follow an account that doesn't post often. This can actually decrease your follower count. I recommend posting at least twice a day. Over-posting can result in losing followers as well. I wouldn't post no more than 5+ times a day because no one likes a person who takes over their timeline. 

2. Post Beautiful Pictures

The point of Instagram is to post pictures about your life. So if all your pictures you post are blurry, dark pictures then no one will want to follow you. Try posting pictures that have great quality. It is easy to achieve great quality by using photo editing apps. There are plenty! My favorite happens to be Camera360. Some people actually have a color scheme with their pictures. Like only posting bright colors like, white or yellow; @Weylie is a great feed that has a bright color theme. 

3. Hashtag Everything

I never hashtagged my pictures but once I started to hashtag them that is when I noticed my follower count increasing. The reason why you want to tag your photos is because that is how other people that aren't following you get to see your beautiful photos. By hashtagging feature pages might stumble upon your photo and actually post it which brings new followers to your page. Look up the top most used hashtags(#family, #beautiful, #love).

4. Ask For A Feature

An easy way to ask for a feature is to actually tag the page in your picture. I do this a lot, if I post a nice hair picture I tag hair pages like @Kinky_Chicks1. When I post a cute picture of my daughter then I tag baby pages like I wouldn't tag just a random page if it has nothing to do with the picture itself, same goes for hashtagging. Also remember to read the pages rules, because some pages actually require you to send the picture through a message instead of tagging them. Sometimes they will block you if you don't follow their rules. 

5. Have a Theme

A lot of people actually look at themes. You can have a color theme going on or simply a topic, like fashion, art, beauty or etc. Once you figure out a theme, then stay with it. My followers love when I post pictures of my hair; or my daughter. You don't want to go off your theme and start randomly posting pictures of memes since your followers like what you've been originally posting. 

6. Interact With People

To get people to follow you, you should interact with people. Like and comment on people posts. Follow a certain amount of people a day. Whenever you follow people they will more likely follow back. Only follow people that you actually want to follow, though. There is nothing that I hate more than a person that just follows just to get followers back, then they go back and unfollow. One thing I love doing is replying back to comments on my photos or telling a feature page thank you for featuring my picture. Little gestures like those standout!

7. Stay Consistent!

Staying consistent is a must. Lately, I haven't been consistent with my Instagram because of my mobile daughter and with moving so my follower count is growing slowly now! So if you want to see your follower count consistently going up then keep doing what works best for you! Keep posting the same type of pictures that get a lot of comments on them, that gets shared, and etc. Keep posting daily, and talking to your followers. When you go missing that's when they are most likely to unfollow you. 

I hope these tips help you increase your Instagram following! If they do then follow me on my Instagram @AdoreDonnie! Thanks for reading!!

XO Adore Donnie