Being A Young Parent

Being a young parent is hard work, but it is very rewarding. I became pregnant at the age of 20 and gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Adora, at the age of 21. A lot of people around this age are still pursuing their degrees and just living a fun, carefree life. I never thought I would be a parent at the age of 21 but hey...things happen! Just like anything else, being a young parent has its pros and cons. 


  1. You might not be financially stable. Having a child can be expensive. Working while trying to take care of a child is not easy.
  2. If you have not acquired higher education yet, it can be hard to accomplish that.
  3. You can lose some friendships because you're not on the same level as some of your peers. Many of them still party and get drunk almost every weekend.
  4. Your parents might not support you and your relationship with your partner might fall apart. 


  1. When females get pregnant in their 20s they have a less likely chance to have a miscarriage or any other health conditions.
  2. Young adults have more energy, so they can still have enough energy to get through the day after long sleepless nights.
  3. You can always play kid games with them and help them with their homework. I remember when I was a kid I needed help with my homework and my parents could not really help me because they have been out of school for a long time. So it was hard for them to remember the material. 
  4. You can always have another child when you get older, like in your 30s and still have a less likely chance to experience any pregnancy problems.
  5. It helps you become a mature, responsible adult(sometimes, can't speak for everyone haha).

So as you can see, being a young parent has its pros and cons. I hope this helps anyone who is thinking about becoming a parent at a young age or if you're already pregnant and wanted to know some of the pros and cons. Thanks for reading!