Top Five Must Have Newborn Items

You have no clue on what you need being a first time mom. You just take advice, and go with the flow. Of course you need a carseat, diapers, and wipes but these are a list of items you might not be so sure about buying. The first baby is like the test run, and by the next baby you will know what you don't need. Well, maybe because every baby is different. These items are not listed in any specific order.

1. Baby Swing

A baby swing is a must for me. Adora doesn't like her swing anymore but around 2-3 months it was a lifesaver. I wish I would have already bought one from the start. I used the swing to calm Adora down and to also put her to sleep. She would sleep for hours in the swing, it gave me a lot of time to get things done and some time to catch up on some rest. So next time around, this will definitely be on my registry. 

2. Diaper Pail

I got this as a baby shower gift, and if I didn't, I wouldn't have gotten it myself. I love the diaper pail, only because it's designed for stinky dirty diapers and it's inexpensive. It keeps me from always taking out a diaper trash bag so it doesn't stink up our room or kitchen. You can't even smell the diapers! Whenever I take the bag out of the diaper pail I get a whiff of the diapers which can make you pass out. I'm surprised by how much odor the diaper pail conceals! 

3. "Boppy Pillow" 

I don't have the boppy pillow but I do have the Comfort and Harmony pillow which serves the same purpose. These pillows are great to breastfeed with, because it helps position the baby while you nurse. You can use the pillow for tummy and play time to help build their neck, arm, and shoulder muscles. It helps your baby build their back muscles while you prop them up to spoon feed them. The pillow is also great for naptime!

4. Sound Machine

I have a toy that plays music for Adora but it doesn't play very long. So I just play music from Pandora, which serves the same purpose as a sound machine. I recommend getting a sound machine even though it only plays a handful of different sounds but at least you don't have to worry about someone calling your phone and interrupting the music or your phone dying which will definitely wake the baby up. When Adora is very restless, music always calms her down and helps her fall asleep. 

5. Baby Wrap/Carrier 

Most babies have a very hard time transitioning from the womb to the outside world. A baby wrap or carrier comes in handy when your baby just wants to be held. People always say, "my baby only sleeps when I hold her." That's because your baby only knows you and wants to be close to mommy. So if you would like to have your hands free then invest in a baby wrap or a carrier. You can get things done and your baby will be happy.

XO Adore Donnie