A 1 Year Old in Gymnastics

For the past month, some of you guys know Adora was in gymnastics. I wanted to put her in gymnastics so she could be around other children her age. I also thought it would be a great class for her to work on her coordination, balance, and listening skills. I decided to put her in gymnastics at The Core Kids Academy in Richmond, VA. Adora went to a class once a week for 8 weeks. She missed two classes towards the end since we were in South Carolina visiting family though. 

Overall, I think Adora really liked gymnastics. She loved climbing on the wedges and jumping on the trampolines. After her first class, she could walk on the beams pretty good, with help of course but still good for a 1-year-old. She loved to swing and crawl under the tunnels. We also liked our instructor, she was nice and interactive with the kids. 

Since Adora is 19 months, she isn't the best listener. Haha. There would be times where she would run around or not wait her turn. She would have tantrums because we would have to stop her from running or tell her to wait. That was the problem with her being in gymnastics. There would be two other classes going on so she couldn't just freely run around and do what she wanted. 

Obviously, toddlers in these type of classes will improve their skills the longer they've been in it. This was Adora's first class environment so the way she acted was normal. The gymnastics classes started from as early as 4 months old. The other kids in her class have already taken classes before so they were waiting their turn and actually doing the activities. I wanted to put Adora in a class at that age but at the time I didn't have a car. We've also been moving around a lot lately. 

The last week of her class, I had to make the decision to continue the class or put her in something else. While we were in South Carolina, we went to my nephew's class at The Little Gym in Greenville, SC. It is a gym for children that is kinda like gymnastics but the kids could run around freely. It was less about gymnastics and more about having fun and climbing on objects. It's better for toddlers like Adora who haven't really learned how to listen and wait their turn yet.


Adora Playing Outside

Adora's moccasins are from BirdRock Baby. Click below to see their other shoes.

That's when I remembered that we had something like that here in Richmond, VA it's called Romp n' Roll. So instead of continuing the gymnastics class for this month, I started a membership at Romp n' Roll. We have only been to two classes so far but we really enjoy it. Adora has the freedom to run around and play on her own with other kids. I will let you guys know how the rest of the classes go this month next month!