Blogging For Beginners

"Hey Donnie, how do I start a blog? I'm so lost, I don't know where to begin!" Well, my friend, the time has come! I have officially made a mini e-course for you! This mini e-course is for everyone who has asked for my help on starting a blog. It is definitely a great beginner's guide on how to start blogging. So if you're looking for an in-depth tutorial on how to do multiple things you won't get this here. However, this is definitely a helpful tool if you're just starting out!

In this mini e-course you will learn how to:

  1. Where to go to start a blog, what is a domain, what is a blog host?
  2. How to design your blog, and where to get graphics from.
  3. What is a newsletter?
  4. The elements you need in order to monetize your blog, and ways to make money from your blog.

I started blogging a year ago, so I don't know everything and I'm not perfect. However, I constantly get asked how to start a blog. So I wanted to create something that can help people. If you want a more in-depth tutorial on how to do something then shoot me a pm on any of my social media platforms(you can find in my navigation bar) or shoot me an email at Or you can wait until I post a blog, mini e-course, or youtube video going into detail about a specific topic(not sure which platform I will use). Please subscribe to my newsletter in order to receive your free mini e-course! Thank you and ta-ta for now!!

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