How I Honestly Feel About Breastfeeding

Hello, hello! Sorry I've been MIA from blogging for almost two months. I definitely needed a break, and some me time. Adora is in the teething phase and has been driving me nuts lately, so whenever I have time to myself I use it to watch Netflix/Youtube, read, or sleep haha. 

Today I want to share with you guys how I really feel about breastfeeding. I exclusively breastfed(having breastmilk as the only source of nutrition) Adora until she was 4 months and gave her baby food occasionally after that. However, I really didn't feed her a lot of food until she was 9 months. Now she is 13 months old and her appetite has grown tremendously, so she eats more table food. She never really cared for baby food quite honestly. I still breastfeed Adora til this day. The only time I really pumped was when she was a newborn or needed someone to watch Adora which was rare. 

After breastfeeding for a year and still going. I feel as though I should tell you guys how I feel about doing it for 13 months so far.

What I Hate: 

  1. Nipple Thrush. This is the worst thing ever, next to mastitis. Two horrible infections you do not want if you're breastfeeding. I had nipple thrush caused by Adora having oral thrush. It made my boobs really itchy and nipples were always chapped no matter what I put on them.
  2. Cracked, sore nipples/breasts. This is bound to happen if you're breastfeeding. There's no way around it quite honestly. 
  3. The constant tugs and movements. When Adora became really mobile around 6 months, she would tug on my breasts or constantly move while I breastfeed her. Which sometimes can be annoying and very painful. 
  4. Want to use me as a pacifier. Since Adora is breastfed she doesn't like a pacifier so breastfeeding helps her fall asleep. This is probably the main reason why she hasn't weaned off yet. 
  5. Always wanting mommy. This is any child honestly, but going off #4 since she is breastfed she doesn't care for bottles or pacifiers, so she doesn't find any comfort from anyone or anything else but me. 
  6. Let's not forget the biting. It only happened a few times but when it did, it hurt like hell. haha.


What I Love:

  1. The Bond. I love the bond that breastfeeding gives me and Adora. 
  2. Knowing I'm giving my child the best there is. It's known that breastfeeding is better than formula. You can read some of the differences in one of my first blog posts here
  3. It saves tons of money. Formula is extremely expensive. However, If we had WIC or any other form of government substance I wouldn't mind buying it. 
  4. It's convenient. One thing I always loved about breastfeeding is not needing to get up at night time to make a bottle. All I had to do was latch Adora on my nipple and we would both sleep while she ate, once she was full she would stop nursing. 

As you can see, I have more reasons why I hate it than why I love it. However, the main question is, would I breastfeed my next child? Yes, I would breastfeed my next child. Because if I hated breastfeeding that much I would have stopped nursing Adora months ago. Breastfeeding isn't easy, but it's definitely worth the benefits! Thanks for reading, ta-ta for now! 

If you are currently breastfeeding or have breastfed your children, what are some of the things you hated/loved about it?  

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