My Daughter's Bedtime Routine

Let's be honest, getting a toddler ready for bed can be hectic! They don't know when to calm down. They might be ready to take a bath then all of a sudden get fussy. Some days they want to stay in the bathtub for hours, haha! Oh, and let's not forget the times after giving them a bath, they're squeaky clean and ready for bed. Then you get a whiff of poop. Yikes!! We all know how that goes!! Today, I want to share with you how I get my daughter ready for bed!

First, we calm her down by giving her a bath. We usually give Adora a bath every other night unless she's just really dirty. Reason being, we don't want her skin to become dry since their skin can be sensitive at a young age. We use Baby Dove's Tip To Toe Rich Moisture Wash to make sure Adora gets all clean!   

We've been using Baby Dove ever since the products arrived in stores! I've used Dove soap growing up since that's the only soap my mom would buy. So, of course, I wanted to give the Baby Dove's Tip To Toe Wash a try. As any parent should, I made sure to test the product on myself first and I had no issues. However, we have different skin types so even though it didn't break me out doesn't mean her skin won't break out either. Thankfully, the bathing product didn't break or dry her skin out. If it did, I would have switched to their sensitive line to see if it would have been better.

After splashing around in the bathtub and getting all clean, it's time for her to get dry and put her pajamas on!  But first, we have to moisturize her skin! We've been using Baby Dove's Rich Moisture Lotion as well. You guys know I had to buy both the baby wash and lotion. I love the lotion because it's not thick or watery. It isn't greasy at all and it has a light, clean smell. I use the lotion on my skin as well, but that's a secret between us. Haha!! While putting the lotion on Adora, we have to chase her around because she will steal the bottle and play with it while jumping on the bed. I think that's her way of saying she loves it too. Whether it's because of the lotion or the sleek bottle design? We will never know, haha!! After putting the lotion on Adora, her skin becomes very soft and smooth. 

Once she has her PJs on it's time to read her a bedtime story. That way she knows it's time for her to go to sleep. Now that she is almost 2, she is super excited to read a book and is more interested in them. She helps turn the pages and talks to us while pointing at the pages. Sometimes, she turns the page too fast before mommy and daddy get done reading what's on the page! At least she wants to continue the story though!! When we're done reading a book, it is time for her to close her eyes. Well, sometimes we wish it was that easy. Since we're a co-sleeping family, she doesn't fully go to sleep until we're all in bed and the lights are turned off! 

There you have it! That is Adora's bedtime routine. I know it's super simple, haha! If you'd like to learn more about Baby Dove products or try them out visit where you can receive coupons, articles, and tips!! Thanks for reading and ta-ta for now!