15 Binge-Worthy TV Shows On Netflix

Hmm, what's new on Netflix? Netflix is currently my guilty pleasure. I'm actually pretty addicted to binge-watching TV shows. Once I start watching a new tv series I can get sucked right in. Eyes glued to the television, mouth wide open in awe. Hey, where's the popcorn?! Yes, it's that serious, and if you're anything like me then you understand where I'm coming from! My boyfriend actually calls me the TV hogger. Yes, I am one of those girls who tortures their boyfriend by making them watch romance or family and children TV shows. Sometimes I will throw in an action or thriller show, though. If you love Netflix as much as I do you're always looking for new shows to watch. So I want to share my favorite shows thus far with you all! 




Gilmore Girls

I just finished watching Gilmore Girls today! It's a series about a mother and a daughter having a very close relationship. while sharing life experiences, trials, and tribulations. Gilmore Girls, A Year In The Life is a Netflix original.


Reign is a historical romance fantasy. It shows how kings and queens try to keep their reign even if it comes down to having a loved one's blood on their hands. They will do absolutely anything to keep their crown.

Gossip Girl

XoXo Gossip Girl. That phrase will be stuck in your head forever after watching this drama-filled series. A group of privileged teenagers is the talk of uptown New York when an anonymous blogger named Gossip Girl spills out all their little secrets daily. Who is Gossip Girl you may ask?




Teen Wolf

Available on Netflix DVD. Teen Wolf is a crazy tv show about a modern day group of high school friends who have supernatural abilities. They try to fight off beings from the dark world who are vigorously working on destroying their pack. It's a very suspenseful show. 

The 4400

4,400 individuals randomly disappear from different time periods. Then they suddenly appear out of....what looks like a comet. They look exactly the same from when they went missing, however, some of them discover that they have powers! 

Vampire Diaries

Two brothers who are vampires are new to town. One of them falls in love with a teenage girl who'd just lost both her parents in a car accident. The other brother brings friction to their relationship due to animosity he has towards his brother. 

The Walking Dead

A group of people who are always on the move, trying to stay alive during a zombie apocalypse. They're either fighting off the walking dead, or the living.  


A Netflix original show. When young adults become 20 years of age they are tested on their thought process and intelligence in different scenarios to make it to a highly praised island called the offshore. However, only 3% will pass the test. 





Shameless is a hilarious show about an alcoholic father that screws up almost every day but always finds a way to get out of the mess he puts himself into. Oh, and his kids are not too far away from the tree! Let's just say they are shameless! 

Chewing Gum

A Netflix original show. A 24-year-old girl that is a virgin living in low-income housing in London. She comes from a religious background but wants to learn more about sex and everything else that life has to offer. 

Orange Is The New Black

A Netflix original show. A look into a women's prison where the main character life suddenly changes when she is sentenced to prison. She has to learn her way around behind bars by making new friendships with some interesting people. All while staying sane. 




Vampire Knight (Anime)

A school where both vampires and humans coexist. However, the vampire students go to night school whereas the humans go to day school. It's two students duty to make sure the vampire students doesn't harm the humans or show their true nature. 

Kuromukuro (Anime)


 A Netflix original show. A samurai from the past fights off aliens with a huge robot in modern Japan. He needs help from his group of friends to succeed. 


Winx Club (Cartoon)

A club of fairies who take on evil witches and monsters while mastering new abilities they learn from school. Winx World is a Netflix original.

Ever After High (Cartoon)

A Netflix original show. We all know how fairytales go, right? The descendants of famous fairytale stories go to school to carry on the legacy their parents started. Well, with a little twist.

These shows are a few of my favorites so far on Netflix. I didn't want to give too much detail or I would spoil some of the shows for you guys. I have some shows I'm currently watching that I like but have not finished the season yet so I didn't include those. I try to watch different genres to not get bored watching the same type of show over and over again. I have watched these shows in the past year or so, I can update you guys on my favorite shows every once in awhile since I am always watching something new! Let me know if you guys would like to know my favorite movies and documentaries as well! Ta ta for now and thanks for reading! 

Comment below some of your favorite shows on Netflix. If you have watched any of the shows listed above, tell me what was your favorite part or why you didn't like it! 

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