At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

One thing that I'm obsessed with is keeping my teeth looking sparkly clean! When I smile, I literally want my teeth to "shine bright like a diamond" haha. I get a lot of compliments on my smile and I try to keep my teeth looking great. Ever since I was a little girl, people always made fun of my teeth, so I love getting compliments on something I didn't like about myself in the past!

Here's a little information about my oral hygiene. I floss daily(well for the most part), I brush my teeth twice a day, I gargle with Listerine or hydrogen peroxide, and I whiten them when it's needed. I've always gone to the store and bought whitening strips and they have worked for me but they've never whitened in-between my teeth good enough and my teeth can get super sensitive while using them, which I HATED the most about using the whitening strips! 


Recently, I've partnered up with Smile Brilliant, which is an at-home teeth whitening kit. Smile Brilliant is 10x better than all the other whitening products I have ever used. It's very convenient, you can whiten your teeth anywhere and at anytime! You don't have to make countless trips to the dentist and spend a lot of money for an at home whitening kit! You can literally see a difference of your teeth in a week! 

After you buy the whitening kit, it will only take a few days for it to arrive. In the kit, you get your whitening and desensitizing gel, blue and gray paste to make your molds for your whitening trays, and an envelope to send your molds back off! They also mail you step by step directions, so you can follow them and make sure you don't mess up, but if you do that's OKAY! They will have extra molding paste in the kit! After you're done with creating your molds, send them back off in the envelope they gave you. They will let you know when they receive your molds and when they ship your whitening trays(It's a very QUICK process)!


When you receive your whitening trays, make sure to take a before picture of your teeth so you can keep track of your whitening process! Here are some important tips!! Before you whiten your teeth, make sure to brush your teeth with water and not toothpaste, the toothpaste acts as a barrier, so it will be hard for your teeth to get whiter. You can whiten your teeth from 1-3 hours but if it's your first time whitening start off with less time to see how your teeth react to the product. Before bed is the best time to whiten your teeth because once you whiten your teeth you can't really drink water or eat any food. You also want your desensitizing gel to have enough time to absorb into your teeth!

The desensitizing gel is what really stands out to me when comparing Smile Brilliant to other whitening brands I have used in the past! My teeth can get extremely sensitive! If you have sensitive teeth like me, you can prep your teeth before whitening them by using the desensitizing gel for a few days, then start the whitening process! Think of your teeth being thirsty after you whiten them, the desensitizing gel will quench your teeth thirst. Thanks to Smile Brilliant, I can whiten my teeth without worrying about the excruciating pain afterward. Once you notice your teeth aren't getting any whiter, stop the whitening process. Here are my before(left) and after(right) photos!! 


I believe this Smile Brilliant would make an awesome Christmas gift! Here are other testimonials and a video to watch about the kit! Thanks for reading! 

*What do you guys look for while shopping for teeth whitening products?*

XO Adore Donnie