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Amazon Purchases I Love So Far This Year

There’s nothing better than Amazon Prime! I love it because there are so many benefits I probably don’t even know them all. Some of my favorite benefits that I know of though is the fact that I can get packages in 2 days after I order them, sometimes in one day!! How you have access to free books and audiobooks! As well as Prime Video, there are a lot of kid shows and movies that Adora can watch! So yes, Amazon Prime is definitely one of my favorite things in the world, haha! So I wanted to share a few of my favorite Amazon finds this year so far!

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Why The DivaCup Beats Tampons and Pads

Aunt Flow: "Hey, Girl! How's it going?!"
Me: "Ugh, it's that time again?"
Aunt Flow: "Yep, it's time to bring out those tampons!" 

Luckily, I've ditched the tampons and transitioned over to using a DivaCup over a year ago! It's the best decision I've ever made. If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw my Instastories about the DivaCup about a month or two ago where I talked briefly about it and why I love it! So I want to go into more detail and share the reason why I switched to the DivaCup! 

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Ride Along With Us and Experience Mazda

We all know Valentine's Day recently past. Instead of doing the "go out to dinner" date with my boyfriend. I wanted to surprise him with a nice ride and a trip to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. We always wanted to go to one of the museums here in Richmond but didn't have time. So that was our Valentine's date that weekend, and of course, we brought Adora along. 

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