How To Get Things Done With Your Baby


Woah! The house is a mess and so am I! How can I get things done when I have a baby to take care of? No worries momma, there are plenty of ways on how you can get things done with your baby. Yes; you can cook, clean, and get yourself all dolled up even with a baby! Here are 5 ways to get things done.

1. Do Things While They Sleep!

I know most people say sleep while they're sleeping, but honestly, I have done that plenty of times and I catch myself not getting a lot of things done. So I try to get most things done while Adora naps. If you're one of those people that absolutely needs to sleep while they're sleeping then take one nap with them while the rest of their naps you get things done. That way you can sleep and also get a lot of work done. It is much easier to work while they're sleeping because you do not have to watch their every move.

2. Have A Safe Play Area

Having a safe designated area for them when they're awake is a great way to get things done! You can use a playpen, their crib, or just put a blanket on the floor and give them their favorite toys to play with. I let Adora play in her infant seat that way I can vacuum and make the bed up. Another baby item I love is her Comfort and Harmony Mombo Pillow, I can prop her up on it and give her teething toys to play with. If I'm lucky enough, Adora will play with her toys for about 15 minutes straight before she gets fussy. That's enough time for me to vacuum, do the laundry, and make the bed up. 

3. Use A Carrier

Sometimes getting work done can be impossible if your baby just wants to be attached to you. This is when a carrier comes in handy. Plus both of your hands will be free! I have a buckle carrier and a wrap, both are by Boba. I think it's safe to say that Adora and I both love using a carrier. This is how I get a lot of other things done like cooking, washing the dishes, and sweeping/mopping. I recommend that you use a back carrier while you're cooking so you won't accidentally burn your child or just be extremely careful! Also be careful when handling objects(like knives), maneuvering, and remember to bend at the knees when using a carrier. 

4. Do It With Them

You can always get certain things done with them. For instance, bathe with them. You can either take a bath or a shower with them. This way you both can get clean. Eat at the same time, if your child is 6+ months you can feed them what you're eating, just puree it. You can exercise with them. A lot of people actually use their babies as weights! You can also go for a stroll in the neighborhood by using the baby carrier or a stroller. Do you remember one of the first things I said to do with them in this post?? Yes, sleep!! Sleeping with them helps make sure that you're getting enough rest. 

5. Ask For Help

Help, help, and more help! Ask away!! There's nothing wrong with asking for help. A mother can't do everything by herself. Wait. We can, because we're super but sometimes we need a break, let's be real!! Ask your partner can they watch the baby while you take a shower or nap. You can ask a relative or a friend for help. I don't know if they will wash your dirty clothes but they will definitely watch your baby for you...for free! Now if you're like me, in a new state or town, far away from your family and friends then you have no choice but to get help from a babysitter. A babysitter is great when both you and your partner need some alone time. They can also help do the laundry and run errands for you. So whenever you're in desperate need for help, ask for it! 

I hope these tips help you get things done with your baby! Also for the experienced momma bears, what are your ways of getting things done with your baby?

xoxo - Adore Donnie