Developing A Beautiful Friendship - Kitty and Baby

When I was a child, I always wanted a cat. My family are dog lovers so I never got the chance to have a relationship with a cat. Now that I have started my own family, I want Adora to enjoy something that I didn't have as a child. I want Adora to not be scared of animals, we already have a pit bull, named Duke. So not too long after Adora was born we got Gigi, our male kitty. Now Adora can grow up with both a dog and a cat. It's very exciting and fun watching Adora and Gigi develop their relationship. 

They Play Together

I know you're thinking, how can a baby and a kitty play together?? Well, kitties play with anything that makes a lot of noise and is bright in color, which are like baby toys. So when Adora is playing with one of her toys, Gigi usually joins the party. For instance, there's a ball with beads in it that can move around in motion on Adora's infant seat. Whenever she is playing with the ball it makes a lot of sound from the beads. Gigi comes and moves the ball around also with his paw. I honestly think Gigi enjoys the infant seat more than Adora. 

They Take Naps Together

Whenever Gigi gets his little belly full from eating Purina Pro Plan Cat wet food he usually naps. For some reason, I always find him purring beside Adora. One afternoon I caught both of them sleeping while holding onto each other. If Adora and I are both napping, Gigi tries to come between us so he can be beside her. I guess you can say they're the perfect cuddle buddies.

Making Sure Kitty Is Safe and Healthy

When you have any kind of pet you should always make sure the pet is safe and healthy. Especially if you have a child. You should always make sure they're up to date on their vaccinations. I always get my pet's vaccinations done with VIP PetCare which is a clinic that sets up at multiple pet stores, they also have affordable vaccine rates. Another thing you should always do is make sure your pets are clean and have their nails clipped. One of the main toxins in air are pet dander, which can cause really bad allergies. You want to make sure they are eating a nutritious diet. Both Gigi and Duke consume Purina pet food. Gigi eats Purina Pro Plan Cat wet food which is designed to give Gigi all the nutrition he needs and it keeps him hydrated. When I switched over to Purina Pro Plan Cat wet food, Gigi feces smelt a lot better since the kind I bought is designed to focus on his urinary tract health. 

If your cat is a picky eater or have health issues, I recommend switching over to Purina Pro Plan Cat wet food. They have a variety of different flavors, textures, and benefits. Here's a coupon to get 1 can for free when you buy 5 cans