2017 Review and My 2018 Goals

Happy New Years Eve!! It is that time again the year is coming to an end!! 2017 has gone by so fast!! In this post, I want to look back at all my accomplishments from 2017. I have to constantly give myself recognition to motivate myself. To remind me that these achievements are setting me on a path to achieve more personal goals in 2018. 

2017 Review

  1. I opened my shop on my website. This was my biggest achievement in 2017. I stayed up late at night and did so much research on how to start my shop. Since I run my own website it was very hard to get everything started but I figured it out!
  2. Top 3 brands I collaborated with this year were McDonald's, Baby Dove, and Huggies. 
  3. Adora and I both landed on Carter's website and social media platforms. This is an achievement for me since we're not signed to a modeling agency. We also didn't work with the brand so it surprised me that we landed on their website.
  4. I was able to support my family by paying our bills thanks to working from home. Being able to stay home with my daughter and to be able to do what I love is a blessing!! 
  5. I experienced growth in myself, on my blog, and on my social media platforms. Some people might look at growth on social media platforms to be pointless but the more people you can reach the bigger impact you can have. 

2018 Goals

  1. I want to take my work to another level and produce the work that I envision.
  2. Triple my revenue and add another source of income. 
  3. Work with more lifestyle/family brands and make a long-term relationship with them.
  4. Be more productive and consistent so I can continue to grow my brand. 
  5. Not to let my anxiety get the best of me.
  6. Travel more and create memories with my family.
  7. Work out at least a few minutes a day and stick with it. Also, eat healthier.
  8. Try to read a book each month. 
  9. Improve my cooking and baking skills. Get Adora in the kitchen more.
  10. Get out in nature, pray more, and be thankful for the little things!!

So, there you have it!!! This might seem like a short list, but I went into greater detail in my personal journal. I wanted to briefly share my goals for 2018 with you all. Also, I would love for you all to check out my blogger friend Michelle Jov. She posts inspirational content on her blog and also makes youtube videos! I hope you guys have a Happy New Year and good luck on achieving your goals for 2018!! Thanks for reading and Ta-ta for now!!