Christmas Gifts For Him

Christmas is only 11 days away!! I'm so excited, most of my shopping is done. I just have to get stocking stuffers! Have you finished your Chrismas shopping or are you a late shopper? If you're the latter, this gift guide is for you! Today, I am sharing a Christmas gift guide for him. So, here are some gift ideas for the men in our lives, no matter their age! 

1. Watch

A watch is a great gift, especially if they're into fashion. It's makes such a great statement piece! If he already has a watch, maybe get him a bracelet. You could also switch it up and get him a wood watch if he already has a stainless steel/gold watch. 

google home mini.jpeg

2. Google Home Mini

With a Google Home Mini, he can ask Google questions like how many days are there until Christmas. He can also ask Google to control the lights or thermostat if you have a smart home. He can play music, stream shows to his tv if he has a Chromecast or Chromecast built-in device, and play games and get the latest news!


3. Xbox

If you have a gamer in your life or someone who has never played video games. An Xbox would be a great gift!


4. Bose Speakers/Headphones

Every guy knows Bose is one of the best quality speaker brands! If you get him anything from Bose whether it's a home speaker system or headphones. He will probably love you forever!


5. Nike Shoes or Dress Shoes

You have to buy your man some shoes! Every man needs a nice pair of dress shoes. If he doesn't have a pair of dress shoes definitely buy him some! He also needs some shoes to relax in, you can't go wrong with Nike shoes! Personally, I love the Nike Tanjun Running shoes, I think they are the perfect shoe to chill in but can also look fashionable.


6. 2 in 1 Laptop

I think a  2 in 1 laptop is cool because you can have a tablet and a laptop at the same time! So whenever he has to work he can attach a keyboard but if he wants to kick back and relax all he has to do is detach the keyboard and voila, he has a tablet!


7. Favorite Sports Team Gear

You should always update your man's sports gear! If he only has a shirt with his favorite sports team, get him a jersey or a hoodie. It could also be something small, like a shot glass or a flask those would make great stocking stuffers! 


8. Sunglasses

If the guy you're buying gifts for always work outside like in construction, agriculture, or is a truck driver. Buy him some nice sunglasses to protect his eyes. Sunglasses are a great fashion piece as well. 


9. Cologne

If you know a guy that doesn't have great hygiene, now is the perfect time to gift him some cologne without being rude. Haha! Most guys love to smell good though. I would buy travel sizes of different cologne and put them in his stocking!


10. Air Fryer

This one is for the men that actually love to cook. I think an air fryer would be an awesome gift to give any guy, to be honest. All he has to do is add seasoning to the food he wants to fry, add a little olive oil if he wants to, then set the timer! 


11. Drone

A drone is a fun, different gift! This could be a gift to give to the gamer, video enthusiasts, or someone who loves to collect awesome gadgets! 


12. Duffle Bag/Bookbag

If you have a guy that travels a lot or still in school. Get him a nice looking bookbag or duffle bag! This is also a great gift for the guy that is into fashion!! 


13. Fitbit

This is obviously a great gift for the active guy in your life. Or maybe he's not that active yet, but hitting the gym is apart of his New Year's Resolution. So, get him a Fitbit to encourage him to stick to his goals! 


14. Clinique For Men Soap

So my boyfriend loves this soap! He's the type of guy that tries to take care of his skin when he can! It cost way more than your typical soap though so it's not something he buys every month. It's a facial soap but he uses it for his whole body.


15. Tile

If you're tired of him asking you where his car keys, wallet, glasses are. Then gift him a Tile! I swear you will thank me later! Tile is a Bluetooth tracker, so all he has to do is set it up using the Tile app and place it in his wallet or put it on his keys. He can literally put it on anything that he loses a lot. We have our Tile on our remote.

I hope this gift guide gave you some great ideas for gifts to give to your husband, brother, or dad!! Don't forget the things he needs the most like socks, briefs, and clothes! Let's be real, when do men really shop for themselves? Us ladies always have to make sure they have socks and underwear with no holes in them! Haha! Thanks for reading and ta-ta for now!

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.