How To Build Creative Toddlers With Little To No Mess And Remove Crayon From Your Wall

OMG!! My toddler drew on the wall, what do I do now?! First, do not panic, this can actually be an easy fix. Second, don’t take away the crayons just yet!! Lastly, did I say don’t panic? I know how dramatic it can be when you see that your toddler has drawn all over the walls! Especially when it’s done in multiple places in under a minute!! How can this happen so fast, weren’t you just drawing on the piece of paper I gave you?!?

I know parents, seeing a bunch of colorful lines all over your wall can be exasperating. Don’t get angry though, don’t take away the materials that help your child’s imagination soar. Instead, admire the art that your child has created. They don’t fully understand that they’re not supposed to draw on the wall yet, so let this be a learning moment for them. Don’t raise your voice or fuss, show them what they can draw on and be better prepared for your little artist next time. Adora’s dad hated that she drew on the wall, and really wanted to do away with the crayons. However, what’s a childhood without crayons, markers, or color pencils? Art helps toddlers build their imagination, fine motor, and cognitive skills. I’m so glad we didn’t take away her art materials and instead found another way to let her get into art. Here’s what I did, and what you can do if you have a tiny artist wanting to give your home a little makeover.

How To Build Creative Toddlers With Little To No Mess

  1. Prepare:
    If you hate the mess after creating art then better prepare for it. Put down towels, plastic covers, or paper. You can also wear aprons or buy washable craft supplies. If your child has a problem drawing on the walls, buy an art easel or have a designated area on the wall for them by hanging up paper for them to draw on. Additionally, you can purchase art materials that do not show up on the wall.

  2. Find Other Art Forms:

    Have fun creating art by exploring different forms and materials. You can have your little one create a collage by cutting out pictures, paper plates, plastic cups. Have them use non-toxic glue and sprinkle on glitter, cheerios, or colorful pompom balls. Dive into sculpture by playing with play-dough! Let’s not forget about music, and dance. There’s a variety of other forms of art that your toddler can experience!!

  3. Take The Fun Somewhere Else:
    You don’t always have to do art in your home. Go outside and create art with the leaves, sticks, grass, rocks, or mud! You can even take your little one to art classes, which is a great way for your toddler to socialize. That way there will be little to no mess in your house!!

How To Remove Crayon/Marker Off Your Wall

howtoremovecrayon (1).png
  1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

    Buy a Magic Eraser, you can cut it in half or quarter sizes. Wet the sponge and work on small sections at a time meaning don’t just rub the magic eraser all over the wall. It works better when you work in small sections. When the sponge starts to fall apart get another one and repeat.

  2. Rubbing Alcohol

    If the Magic Eraser does not work use rubbing alcohol. Majority of the time this works really well, however it can rub the paint off. So again, work in small sections like you would with the Magic Eraser. Obviously don’t use this near an open flame.

  3. Vinegar

    This is a safer alternative to the rubbing alcohol, you can use the vinegar and spray over the area and use a magic eraser to wipe it off. If this doesn’t work try hand sanitizer or nail polish remover. You can also try erasing it off the wall first, sometimes this helps if the material is erasable.

When you’re a parent, you have to change the way you look at the little things and put yourself in your child’s shoes. Children are brilliant, especially when you let them wander and learn even when it creates a colossal mess. There’s no excitement when there is no mess. Yes, there are times where I wish my daughter didn’t make a mess every day, haha. However, I try my best to relax and remember that her happiness is more important than a home that is always tidy because I know a day will come when there is no more mess to clean.

Crayon On The Wall

Crayon On The Wall

After With Magic Eraser

After With Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser After Removing Crayon Off Walls.

Magic Eraser After Removing Crayon Off Walls.