My 2018 Review + 2019 Goals

Happy New Year everyone!! Pops champagne bottle. I really hope you had an amazing year and that you achieved everything that you wanted to pursue in 2018. Personally, the main goal for me this year was growth. Growth as a mother, growth as a partner, growth as an entrepreneur, growth in every aspect of my life. I achieved a lot of my goals in 2018. Some I did not achieve, but that’s okay because God had other plans; He knows what’s best for me! Of course, 2018 did come with its lows, I may not share them but just know everything isn’t great 24/7. Remember that just because I didn’t share it with you doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I’m the type of person who rarely shares when I’m down, or struggling because I do not want to transfer that negative energy to other people. Instead, I try to focus on myself until I get out of the dumps. So with that being said, I want to review 2018 and share my goals for 2019!!


2018 Review

Looking back on my 2018 goals, I realized that I achieved a lot of them!!

  • I became more consistent in my work, not as consistent as I wanted to be but my consistency did improve, which is a plus!

  • I made more this year than in 2017! Even though I stopped selling shirts, I made money every month this year just from blogging alone. I wanted to focus on what was already bringing in income instead of working on something else. I also stopped selling shirts because I wasn’t happy with what I was producing, or how I was marketing it.

  • Top brands I worked with this year on paid opportunities were; EDEN BodyWorks, MAC, NYX, Kohl’s, Baby Dove, Shea Moisture, DivaCup, Wendy’s, Reebok, Barbie and iHeartMedia. I directly worked with iHeartMedia to collaborate with Molina Healthcare, which was my highest paid campaign. I worked with Kohl’s on three different campaigns this year, which means I achieved my goal of creating a long-term relationship with a brand.

  • Websites that we made it on were Dove(Adora) and Discount Glasses(as well as their newsletter). Ulta Beauty reposted my Queen of Hearts Halloween makeup picture on their Instagram, while SinfulColors reposted two photos of me on their Instagram. NYX(France) and Urban Decay reposted my image in their Instagram Stories. These features on Instagram might seem small to others, but for me, it means that they are noticing my work which is a big deal!! Mainly because I always criticize myself thinking my makeup isn’t that great or just my work in general.

  • I didn’t exercise as much as I wanted to but I did workout in 2018 and that’s all that matters, haha!! Who else enjoyed my dance workout videos on my Instastories? Those were fun, I plan on doing more of that in 2019.

  • I didn’t do much exciting cooking either in 2018 but I did bake more. I made my first batch of sugar cookies for Christmas with Adora!!

  • I read way more books than last year, I tried to read a book every month but sometimes I either read 2 a month or just didn’t get to finish a book at all(it was probably boring or I just had too much going on). However, buying a book subscription did help me read more books; books I probably wouldn’t have thought about reading.

  • I grew my social channels. I hit my goal of 10k on Instagram, even though I lose the number of followers I gain daily, so it’s going back and forth but that’s okay. I’m close to 1.5k subscribers on Youtube with 50k views. My views on my blog have increased to almost 1k monthly views!! I have 400 followers on Pinterest with 18k monthly views.

  • I’ve taught Adora a lot of new things(also thanks to her learning shows on Youtube, let's be real, haha). I will share a video or a blog post on everything that Adora knows.

  • I’ve made new friends!!

  • Sadly, my anxiety still gets the best of me to this day and we didn’t travel much this year. However, I did travel by myself for the first time!! I still can’t believe the first time I flew on a plane was by myself, for business and I got to meet people that support me!! My anxiety did get the best of me because I got sick on this trip(thankfully not on the plane lol). However, my anxiety didn’t stop me from actually going!!! I still can’t believe that I successfully navigated the largest airport in the world alone.


2019 Goals

I have a lot of goals for 2019 some of them are the same as last year, some are new. I might not be specific on some of these because I don’t want to share every little detail about my goals.

  • Say no to product only campaigns. Not trying to work for free anymore in 2019. Unless I really want the product, I already started doing this and it’s been going pretty well.

  • Make $1.5k on a single paid campaign.

  • Budget money better.

  • Become a homeowner.

  • Do something exciting with Adora every month and continue to homeschool her(she’s only 2 about to turn 3).

  • Really stop letting my anxiety get the best of me.

  • Read 2 books a month.

  • Finish writing my book.

  • Travel.

  • Manage time better and have better discipline.

  • Work with a top tech brand.

  • Go on more dates with Tony.

  • Cook healthier meals.

  • Attend concerts and events.

  • Don’t beat myself up on the little things.

  • Try not to spread negative energy.


That’s all of my goals for the new year!! Comment and let me know what’s one of your goals for the new year or what was a highlight in 2018 for you?! Thanks for reading and ta-ta for now! Happy New Year!!!!