Amazon Purchases I Love So Far This Year

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There’s nothing better than Amazon Prime! I love it because there are so many benefits I probably don’t even know them all. Some of my favorite benefits that I know of though is the fact that I can get packages in 2 days after I order them, sometimes in one day!! How you have access to free books and audiobooks! As well as Prime Video, there are a lot of kid shows and movies that Adora can watch! So yes, Amazon Prime is definitely one of my favorite things in the world, haha! So I wanted to share a few of my favorite Amazon purchases this year so far!

  • Disney Princess Necklace Set
    This is a cute toddler-friendly necklace set. I bought this for Adora’s birthday and she still plays with it. All the beads can get everywhere but it comes in a little container that you can simply throw them back in. The strings easily connect together by putting one into the other.

  • Princess Dresses
    These are a few dresses that are perfect for little girls to dress up in! They are good quality for the price! The little fringe detail around the neck on the Princess Aurora dress does start to unstitch after a while but still a cute dress!
    Dresses: Aurora, Belle, Cinderella.

  • Books
    I’ve bought a few children books from Amazon. It’s honestly the perfect place to find a variety of books with black characters. Book stores only have a few options and they’re just easier to find on Amazon. Adora loves these books! The stories are cute but the illustrations are even cuter!
    Books: Hair Love, Monster Trouble, Litter Red and the Very Hungry Lion.

  • Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste
    I shared this toothpaste on my Instagram stories and how I was a little skeptical since it was my first time trying any type of charcoal toothpaste. I still do the same, I use it occasionally and follow up with my regular toothpaste since it doesn’t have fluoride in it. Overall I’ve been liking it and I will probably buy it again, it’s almost empty!

  • Puzzles
    Adora loves puzzles! These Melissa & Doug puzzles are the best for toddlers since the pieces are big for their little fingers but also because the puzzle itself isn’t that big. There are 3 different puzzles that come in a box, so you can easily store the puzzles! Also, they have different shapes on the back of each puzzle so you can easily sort them out.
    Puzzles: Fanciful Friends Puzzles, Pet Puzzles,

  • Bissell Vacuum Cleaner
    I bought this vacuum cleaner after our old one broke and I love it!! The cord is longer than my old one, I can reach my room and Adora’s room with it still being plugged in the living room. The suction is good, Tony said it looked like I steam cleaned the carpet after the first time I used it.

  • Mobile Lenses
    Mobile lenses are cool tools to have fun and improve your mobile photos, especially if you’re into photography! These are so inexpensive too!

  • Transparent Purse
    I originally bought this purse for a concert, however, I got so many compliments on it that I can wear it any time! It has a cute shape to it and gold accents. I can wear it as a clutch as well!

  • Aisi Bob Curly Synthetic Wig
    So this is my first time buying or even wearing a wig, and I bought it from Amazon! It was super cheap and for the price, I thought the quality wasn’t too bad. Definitely a great beginner wig or a quick look for anyone! I will say it was on the thinner side, but it was soft!

12 Amazon Buys That I've Been Loving!.png
Facetune_15-07-2019-18-18-46 2.JPG
  • Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Receiver
    Finally found the solution to my music problems in my car. I bought a few different things to help fix the issue but this one is perfect!! I can listen to my music and charge my phone at the same time. Great solution when your car doesn’t have Bluetooth and you have an iPhone without the headphone jack!

  • Amazon Kids Tablet
    I love this tablet because every app on there is for kids, you can customize it for your kid as well. Adora can play games, do puzzles, read books, and watch videos! She can use the tablet on the road as well without WiFi because she has what she likes downloaded!

  • LED Ring Light
    I didn’t buy this for myself, but I did buy it for my best friend and she loves it! It’s a small ring light that you can put on your desk, you can use it to take photos and record videos. You can also just use it while doing your makeup! You can change the light(from warm to white) you can also turn up or down the brightness! It’s small so you can literally take it anywhere!

These are my top favorite finds from Amazon this year so far! Please share your favorite Amazon purchases below in the comments! I would love to check them out! Thanks for reading and ta-ta for now!