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Adora's 2nd Birthday Party!

Recently on March 6th, we celebrated our sweet girl's 2nd birthday!! I can't believe she's already 2. Time sure does fly by, before I know it she'll be 5 *literally freaking out*. Whenever I think about her growing up into a little girl, I immediately want to cuddle with her. Enjoying being able to hold her and carry her before she gets too big. On March 3rd, we celebrated Adora's birthday in Greenville, SC at Kangeroo Jax!

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One Year Old Building Memories With Family

When I was little I grew up around all my cousins! We always had a blast coming up with activities to do. Like making up choreography to hit songs like Bootylicious by Destiny's Child, trying to make brownies without all of the ingredients, or putting water on the kitchen floor so we could slip and slide. The latter wasn't so great because we would bust our butts on the floor. Haha. Let's just say I had a blast building memories with all my cousins and I want my daughter to do the same with her cousins!

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