Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

It's day 2 of blogmas!! *Cheers* Today I want to share gift ideas for your toddler! My daughter will be two in March so the gifts I will be suggesting will be for that age range. Once again these gifts will be a variety of sizes so they can go under the Christmas tree or be used as a stocking stuffer! 

A great place to shop for stocking stuffers for toddlers is the dollar store or the stocking stuffer isles at Target or Walmart! I just bought Adora's stocking stuffers which are a tiny baby doll, a mini guitar, play dough, and some delicious treats. Which is enough for an almost 2-year-old. This is the age where you really don't have to go all out because they still don't know what Christmas is or the meaning behind it.

Toddler Gift Guide.png

1. Building Blocks

Perfect toy for toddlers to work with their hand and eye coordination. You can use these to help with teaching their colors. Adora always plays with the mega building blocks at my grandma's house so I decided to buy her some on Black Friday. 

2. Castle Tent

Who doesn't want their own castle?! My mother bought this for Adora's room when we moved and we both loved it! It's big enough for Adora, Tony, and I to all fit in there. Might be a little tight with all three of us but I'm just trying to give you an idea of how big it is. I decorated it with pillows, stuffed animals, and lights. If you buy lights, make sure they are the kind that doesn't get overheated!

3. Crayola Finger Paint/Chalk Kit

These are great gifts for toddlers to start exploring their creative, artistic side. When it's raining or too cold outside to go to the park I let Adora finger paint or play with her chalk kit. The finger paint is washable but I put big sheets of paper on our kitchen table and let her sit in her high chair and paint away. 

4. Toy Guitar/Ukelele 

When I went to my sister's for Thanksgiving, Adora kept playing with my brother-in-law's ukelele which gave me an idea of getting Adora a play guitar or ukelele to get into music. Any type of toy that plays music is a great gift because music really helps toddlers learn!!

5. Tablet

There are so many kid tablets to choose from, I have heard that the Nabi tablet is awesome. My daughter actually uses my Samsung tablet. This comes in handy when you go out to dinner, shopping, or traveling. Letting them play games, watch a movie on Netflix, or learning shows on Youtube can help calm them down. When they play on the learning apps or watch shows like Dave & Ava, or Little Baby Bum on YouTube it can help them learn quickly!

6. Books/Flash Cards

They're now at the age where they are really starting to pick up on words and trying to understand everything. Adora is actually at that rough patch where she gets frustrated from not knowing how to express or say what she wants. So flash cards and small books make great stocking stuffers and are wonderful materials to help build your toddler's vocabulary. Adora is really into books now so she will actually bring a book to me and want me to read to her.

7. Play phone/Walkie Talkie

I noticed that my daughter really likes to say hello and put our phones up to her ear and talk to the other person on the line. So why not buy walkie-talkies so we can actually talk back and forth. 

8. Puzzles

Puzzles help your toddler really start to piece things together and work on their comprehensive and motor skills. There are many puzzles in the dollar store or dollar section in Target!

9. Bath Toys

I always forget to buy Adora bath toys. So this is still something I have to buy her this Christmas! Bath toys help make bath time more fun!!

10. Their Favorite Character

This one is obvious! Get their favorite character from shows they love to watch. So if their favorite character is Minnie Mouse and there is a Minnie Mouse car, plush toy, toothpaste, blanket, and etc then get it. Haha!

It is very easy to find toys for your toddler! The toys you want to get them are games or objects that can help them work on their thinking, hand-and-eye coordination skills, and help them remember and recognize things. They are at that age where they are picking up on a lot of information and their brain is developing quickly. I hope this gift guide gave you an idea of what to get your toddler(s) for Christmas this year! Thanks for reading and ta-ta for now!!

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