Last Minute Gift Ideas For Father's Day

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Father’s Day is this weekend!! You probably thought I was going to leave you hanging and not help you come up with any Father’s Day gift ideas, huh?! Here are some last minute gift ideas for Father’s Day! Most of these gifts are inexpensive, they might not be super specific gifts, because I know that every dad is different so I instead try to give you ideas from each category that will get the wheels turning so that you can come up with a gift that better fits your father or spouse!!

1. A Book:

Books are great last minute gifts because there are book stores almost everywhere and they’re inexpensive, especially if you buy used. A lot of men love to read biographies, self-help, sports, or political topics. I feel like you cannot go wrong when purchasing those. I will actually be buying my partner a toddler book that he can read with his daughter, it will be as if she gifted him the book for Father’s Day, haha.

Books I recommend: The Alchemist, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The 5 Love Languages, I Love You Daddy.
For POC: Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It, Hair Love(The book I’m gifting Tony this Father’s Day).

2. Quality Time:

Who doesn’t love spending quality time with their family? You can always go out to eat, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Go to a place where you can play mini golf, bowl, or play pool. Is he adventurous? Go camping, go on a hike, a quick trip to a different city, or go to the beach! One thing I loved doing with my dad when I was little was fishing, which is a great way to bond.

3. Tech:

Cheap, last minute tech gifts that come to mind are new cases for their electronics. Wireless headphones or a fitness tracker, which are great for men that are getting back in the gym. Mobile lens, these have been my favorite lately. If your dad or spouse love taking pictures, camera lens for their phone would be a great gift!

4. Time To Self:

If your spouse or dad works long hours, it would be great to gift some self-care/pampering time. A lot of men don’t generally take care of their body like us ladies do. Gift cards to get his feet/nails done, or to get a massage would be awesome for them!

5. Hobby Related:

This would be a great time to upgrade their hobby-related things. If they do art, buy new art materials like paint, paint brushes, or even an external hard drive for guys who make a lot of graphics or videos and always run out of space. Are they a handyman or a gamer? Buy them a new tool kit, or headset. Does he collect anything like shoes or coins? Gifting him a storage system would be great!

6. Flowers/DIY:

They might not say it, but sometimes men would love to receive flowers, or even chocolate covered strawberries that us ladies love to receive as well! Also, let’s not forget personalized/DIY gifts, they are the sweetest gifts anyone can give. Look on Pinterest or Etsy for ideas!

I hope these ideas helped you come up with a great gift to give to the father figures in your life! A lot of these gifts you can go out and buy but I did link products from Amazon, if you have Amazon Prime then you’ll get the products quickly! Thank you for reading and Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads!!

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