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Last Minute Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Father’s Day is this weekend!! You probably thought I was going to leave you hanging and not help you come up with any Father’s Day gift ideas, huh?! Here are some last minute gift ideas for Father’s Day! Most of these gifts are inexpensive, they might not be super specific gifts, because I know that every dad is different so I instead try to give you ideas from each category that will get the wheels turning so that you can come up with a gift that better fits your father or spouse!!

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Pros To Dating An Older Guy

Most people around my age would say, "eww!!," to dating an older man. I've always been attracted to older guys that were 2-4 years older than me. I've never seen myself being in a relationship with a man that is 15+ years older than me but hey, things happens. Honestly, faith happens. I'm always getting questions, asking for my advice on dating older men. But I've never shared the pros to dating one! Now throughout the post I stress that this is not the case for every older guy you’ll meet! I also stress that I’m not saying these are things that young guys lack. I’m just speaking from my experience, so please remember that while reading.

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