Top 10 Gifts For Him Or Her

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You’re not done shopping for gifts yet?! Ahh, I see, you need more gift ideas. Don’t worry I got you covered!! Today, I’m sharing the top ten gifts to give to any guy or girl!! I think this list has something that anyone would enjoy!!

Tomboyx Holiday Underwear Set

Tomboyx Holiday Underwear Set

Frank Body - Body Scrub

Frank Body - Body Scrub

  1. Sunglasses/Watch:

    I think a pair of sunglasses or a watch is something a lot of people like to receive. I recently bought sunglasses for Tony from MVMT, they have a variety of watches and sunglasses! Don’t know what to buy? Just grab a gift box for men or women!!

  2. Underwear:

    Who doesn’t need underwear?! This is a necessity, well...I hope it is but hey, whatever floats your boat, haha!! This is mainly a gift couples give but you can still give a gift card to an underwear place to a friend. I recently received underwear sets from Tomboyx! Tomboyx is a gender-neutral brand and has sizes from xs-4x; which means they have underwear for anyone! Their underwear is so comfortable, I promise you the person you buy the underwear for will thank you later!!

  3. Blanket:

    I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like receiving blankets! You can never, have too many blankets in my opinion! I recently bought a red sherpa throw blanket from Target and it is so comfy!! Tony is literally trying to steal it, I regret not buying him one a well!

  4. A Scarf:

    Scarves are perfect, inexpensive gifts to give anyone! Don’t forget that guys wear scarves too!! You can get some nice, fashionable scarves from Old Navy for the low!!

  5. Fragrance:

    Everyone loves to smell great! You cannot go wrong with gifting perfume, or even body mist! There are so many fragrance gift sets that you can get at places like CVS, Ulta, or Sephora! I bought Tony a cologne sampler from Sephora. He can try 10 different colognes, it comes with a certificate that he can take back to Sephora and get the full-size cologne of the one he liked the most!

  6. Gift Card For A Massage:

    Do I even need to explain why this would be a great gift? Everyone needs a nice massage!!

  7. Face Masks:

    To go along with the massage, give a few face masks. I think a lot of people forget that men can, and need to pamper themselves as well! Men need to take care of their skin just like us ladies, throw in a few body scrubs as well while you’re at it!! Frank Body is a great place to buy face masks, body scrubs, and other skin care products!

  8. Phone Case:

    I don’t know anyone who changes their phone case more than twice a year. I think a lot of people forget to change their phone case after some time. We all need to protect our phones, so I think this is a great gift that not a lot of people think of!

  9. Books:

    Everyone needs a book in their life, even if they’re not much of a reader you can still buy them a book about a genre that they like. If they love to read books, buy them a book subscription where they can choose a book every month! I have a Book Of The Month subscription and I love it! You get to choose a book from their top 5 picks of that month, since I joined I have loved most of the books I’ve selected!

  10. Concert Tickets

    Going to a concert would be a great experience! If they don't like concerts, then give tickets to a sport game or comedy show!

Otterbox Phone Case

Otterbox Phone Case

Book Of The Month

Book Of The Month

I hope this gives you some ideas on what to give your friends or family this holiday season! Now hurry and get to shopping, don’t wait until the last minute just to be stuck in long lines!! Thanks for reading and ta-ta for now!!