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My 2018 Review + 2019 Goals

Happy New Year everyone!! Pops champagne bottle. I really hope you had an amazing year and that you achieved everything that you wanted to pursue in 2018. Personally, the main goal for me this year was growth. Growth as a mother, growth as a partner, growth as an entrepreneur, growth in every aspect of my life. I achieved a lot of my goals in 2018.

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What I Love And Hate About Being An INFP

If you follow me on Instagram(@adoredonnie), then you always see me posting quotes or articles about something called an INFP. Well, that is my MBTI(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality. You may have taken a personality test before you started a new job or in college for class. It asks you questions about how you would feel about something or are you more likely to do this or that. For instance, one of the questions can be, "in a crowd, are you more likely to stand by a wall away from attention?" and you will answer yes, kinda, uncertain, not really, or no. It's better to not answer uncertain, but you can if you're really not sure. In the end, it will share your results and tell you your MBTI personality.

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Motivational Notes To Self For The New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Pops balloons and throws confetti. It's 2017 *gasps* I can't believe it's already 2017! This year, I have a lot of goals but I want to keep them to myself. However, I do want to list some thoughts to myself that will motivate and uplift me this year. Or anyone that could be looking for some form of inspiration going into the new year!

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