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5 Things That I Keep In My Purse For Traveling or Events

Recently you guys know that I traveled to Newark, New Jersey, for a concert! I had such a fantastic time, it was my first time in New Jersey, so it was a fun experience! Today I’m sharing with you guys what I keep in my purse for events where they might check it. So this is great for when you’re traveling or going to events such as concerts or sporting events!

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Four Chocolates You Need To Send Your Loved Ones This Valentine's Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, I love chocolate and I hope you do too! Okay, I know that was cheesy but at least I tried to make you smile! We know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!! Do you have gift ideas for your loved ones? If not, I’m here to help! Today, I’m sharing some delicious chocolate with you that I’ve tried recently, and who doesn’t love to receive chocolate on Valentine’s Day?! Chocolate is the way to my heart, as long as you give me chocolate then I’m happy, haha!!

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Family Fitness With My Fitbit

Recently, I’ve noticed that my family isn’t as active as we should be. Fitness for us is like a rollercoaster ride. At one point we’re doing really good, next thing you know we’re back at square one. So I’ve been trying my best to stay motivated and exercise a little every day because a little bit of movement a day can go a long way! So I was happy when I got the new Fitbit Versa Ruby which is exclusive at Kohl’s! It’s a fitness smartwatch that can help motivate you to exercise and achieve your fitness goals.

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